How To Select The Best Golf Tees

There’s no avoiding the fact that golf tees are just as essential as, well, golf clubs. In fact, without tools like those, you can’t even play golf in the first place. With that in mind, you should already know that choosing the ‘right’ golf tee is just as important as selecting a golf tee that works in any golf situation you find yourself in.

Today’s modern golf tees are derived from the Reddy Tee, a type of primarily wooden golf tee that first appeared on the market in the 1920s. By the time its successful marketing campaign gained ground, the golf tee represented by Reddy Tee became popular within golf. That’s what led to many manufacturers creating their own version of the golf tee for a wide selection of golfers out there.

Thanks to the Reddy Tee, there are now many types of golf tees to choose on the market. You can even find many of those golf tees at our site. Just by looking through that selection alone, you probably will get an idea about the types of golf tees that reside on the market.

Since there are so many golf tees on the market, they’re naturally produced from a variety of different materials. They’re also made in different styles. The most common materials used to manufacture golf tees are wood and plastic. Wood tees are still the most inexpensive tee used in the game today, though they have a penchant for breaking easily. In contrast, plastic tees are a bit more expensive, though they’re considered more likely to last longer.

Other golf tees are designed with resilience in mind with a modern twist. The Zero Friction Golf Tee, to provide an example, harbors a ‘three prong’ design that makes them much more durable than a standard golf tee, though with a higher price. To offset the price, they’re practically indestructible, making them good golf tees for golfers who want to reuse their tees.

Environmentally friendly golf tees have a bonus of being biodegradable, typically made from bamboo or birch head that easily erode in the ground when lost. While most wooden tees are actually naturally biodegradable in many ways, these tees are great for golfers concerned about losing tees when in play.

So, what golf tee should you use? The type of golf tee that you eventually choose to use should be the one that you feel most comfortable using. Take some time experimenting with the different golf tees out there if you can. You might find one that makes your game that much better.

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