The Feeling Of Being In Control Of Your Career

In the pursuit of a fulfilling career experience, there is no better feeling that one can have than the feeling of being in control of your career and knowing when to lay low and when to take things head-on. DISC tests and career aptitude test free have been used by individuals and companies to help them make informed decisions concerning career development. A DISC test is an assessment tool that tests the strengths of an individual and matches that with their suitability for given jobs and/or roles. The main pillars of the test are Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. Using the four pillars, the test helps to come up with indicators for certain personality traits and behavior based on the answers given for the test. DISC tests were developed from William Marston’s theory on human behavior and they have been used over the years for different purposes related to careers and corporate development.

At the corporate level, companies use the test to improve the levels of cohesion among employees, enhance teamwork, improve employee output, impart strong and appropriate leadership skills amongst senior staff, and reduce incidences of disputes and so on. For individuals, the tests can be taken to enhance personal self awareness and also to help one understand his/her colleagues, peers and seniors better, with much more appreciation as to why some people might have personalities that may not necessarily be pleasant.

In recognizing the fact that a typical workplace is a multicultural environment, DISC assessment tests are developed with an aim of promoting better knowledge of one’s interests, strengths, weaknesses, behavior, style and a host of other things that people might have an aptitude for.

In the end, the workplace becomes more inclusive and a lot of people are likely to come out of their cocoons and open up to the possibility of working with some of the people they had previously thought of as being their complete opposites. The test is also an important tool that can teach both the supervisors and their juniors on when and where to compromise and when/where not to. In the end, even the office introverts can find themselves opening up to extroverts- and the biggest beneficiaries are both the individuals and the company.

The value of interpersonal communication in a company and in the society at large can never be overemphasized; and the DISC assessment has helped quite a number of people to become better communicators than they were. It all begins with knowing yourself and appreciating others the way they are.

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